About Us

Janatha Fish Meals & Oil Products is a company with over a quarter century of growth, innovation and achievements. We have kept pace with the rapid advances in the fish based proteins market in as diverse a range as aqua feed, agri-products, neutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and more path breaking areas where on- going research is being carried out. Being pioneers in the business, Janatha has combined decades of experience in the Fish Meal & Oil Industry with the most modern processes & implemented uncompromising Quality Standards. With this background we have come up with Janatha Ocean Products.

Janatha Ocean Products is situated in the banks coast of Kanyakumari, endowed with the rich fish bounty from Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. The coast harbours an abundant catch of sardines and mackerels yielding high quality fish meal and fish oil. This plant has a processing capacity of 10Tons/hour of raw fish with an ability to process Fish meal, Fish Oil and Fish soluble paste. The plant is also well equipped with an ultra- modern lab to facilitate the routine check of the quality of the fish meal.

Along with the fulfilment of the growing demands in the market Janatha also focuses on the sustainability issues to conserve the fish resources for the generations ahead. Janatha leads the way ahead for a cleaner environment and support the upliftment of the society.